Ladys and Gentleman!

Episode two is up, with out standing results! Thank you everyone for giving us a like and look!

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Hey Can Heads!

Just wanted to keep you all informed with all of our  lates news and updates. We have been approved by Itunes for all of your streaming needs!

First Draft

Kicking off their production company, a pair of fun loving losers are kicking things off with A podcast! Empty Can Productions presents “Down the Hatch!” During each episode, Jesse, a stand-up comic, and Joseph, a musical-theatre man, will update you about their lives in the Big Apple, their journey in creating a production company from the ground up, and end each episode with their Rotten Reviews. What’s that? The guys will watch and review horror movies that have a 75% or lower rating from Rotten Tomatoes. We will watch them so you don’t have to!


Alrighty everyone!

Thank you so much for being patient. It means the world to us! We just wanted to let you all know that “Down the Hatch” will be live in just 3 days! So keep an ear out we will be on Soundcloud!



The start!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jesse Luciani.

My roommate (Joseph Pyfferoen) and I  are starting a long and difficult journey creating our own production company and podcast. After a long day dealing with auditions not going as planned, never ending day jobs we decided with beers in hand the we should create our own production company. Later we realized there were not a lot of step by step guides on how to do this and that’s when “Down the Hatch” came to be it’s a bi-weekly podcast about our journey.  So we hope you enjoy!